Never Stop Your Marketing!

We recently had a client ask us to stop their marketing because they were getting too much business!

(Ummm....what a great problem!) We get it that it can get busy at times, but you should never never never stop your marketing. Because as soon as you handle that big rush of new business, you will have a slump and then you are right back where you started. Sales and delivery will go up and down, up and down. 

Marketing is the pulse of your company, when you are dead. If no one is seeing your name consistently, you will just be replaced in their mind with the competition THAT IS marketing.

If you only market for a short time and think "it didn't work", you are not looking at the big picture. Yes, campaigns can do better, things can look prettier, offers can be more enticing, but the big picture is "GET YOUR NAME OUT!". 

I mean...if you are going to learn anything from last week's Super Bowl game, it is persistence, persistence, persistence!

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