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Our purpose is to deliver high-quality design, social media marketing and websites to companies of all sizes so that they can be successful, grow relationships with their customers and tell their story to the world.

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What our clients have to say:

My hat is off to Do Good Creative for the excellent job they have done promoting my veterinary surgical practice. I am particularly impressed with their understanding and ability to find out what the pet owning public will respond to and their constant assessment of what works. If things change a bit, they are right on top of it. If something is not working, they do not make excuses, they find out what changed and fix it! They are experts at social media – the current medium that levels the playing field. Due in no small part to their efforts, January was the largest month since I have been in this practice!
— Dr. George Malnati, Sunset Veterinary Surgery
We love working with Do Good Creative because they have similar company goals that we have at Java Planet. We both want to be, and work with other groups and companies that give back in some way to improve the conditions of someone’s health, life, livelihood and the state of the planet.
Working with Do Good Creative is a pleasure because they have a great combination of being able to duplicate our ideas and quickly put them into words and graphics that communicate who we are and what we represent. Because of this they have greatly improved the quality of my promotion and our promotional material that has helped ensure our customers understand the value of purchasing and consuming our product to the betterment of their health, the farmer and the planet!
— Jennifer Simmons, Owner of Java Planet Organic Coffee

Our Do Good Projects

At Do Good Creative, we donate a portion of our time to helping non-profits by donating pro-bono work or providing services at a discounted rate. We support non-profits and we support companies that give back because we believe that everyone can use what they do well to do good. We want to participate in setting a good example for others. Here are some of the projects that we have completed: