When it feels like no one cares...

When we first started our business, we were working very hard creating amazing promotion-videos, hand drawn illustrations, articles, etc. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to make a difference. No one was listening or responding ……we felt like no one cared!! 

Fast forward a few years later and we have realized that it is not that “no one cared”.  People did care, they just didn’t receive the communication. We weren’t getting our message out in front of enough people and the people we were getting it in front of were not seeing it enough times. 

Do you realize that people are hit with over 5000 pieces of information a day- TV, Social Media, Email, Texts, Radio, Billboards, Mail, on and on! How do you possibly break through all of that chatter?

Well, three years later, we know the amount of work it really takes to create the effect we want, to get people to see us, to get people to care about what we are saying. We know the number. When we hit that number of promotion sent out, our sales go up, when we don’t hit that number our sales go down. 

So what do you do when sales go down and money gets tight? Most businesses cut back on their marketing. That is absolutely the worse thing you could do! When sales go down, promotion must go up or your company will become smaller.

How many people do you need to reach, in order to create the effect that you need? Is it 200 a day? 25,000 a month? When you do your marketing, you need to track this so you know your number. Add up your Facebook ads, your posts, your emails and your postcards on a weekly basis. See what number of those combined things give you the sales you want. Once you’ve got that number- keep it up! 

Let us help you figure out your number, so you can get your message across and succeed in your business. 

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