I loved working with Do Good! Katrina is by far the best graphic designer I have worked with. She fully duplicates the ideas I have and is so patient and willing to make all the little changes that I ask for. I highly recommend working with her for all your design/website needs!
— M. H.

Happy Clients

“My experience working with Do Good Creative was great! Thanks to their knowledge, professionalism, patience and care my website looks very professional and attractive. I would recommend anyone that is looking for a custom website to hire Do Good Creative! They are fantastic!”

— L. G.

“I worked with Katrina and her team on a brochure piece. I've used dozens of designers and FINALLY someone got it ALL right!! From their attention to detail to their connection with fantastic printers, I had nothing but a great experience! All communication was very prompt and friendly. In the past, all brochures I've ordered have had the folds misaligned. What I received from Do Good Creative was a GREAT product! Thanks, guys, for making me look good!”

— L. C.

“Do Good Creative should be called Do Remarkable Creative! They continue to provide very current, top-notch design and social media work for our non-profit. We remain relevant and noticed as a result. Be sure to give them a go for your next project and you will be extremely satisfied with the results!”

— L. P.

“As a Consultant, I'm always looking for a competent professional who can provide guidance and assistance in the areas I'm looking to improve. I reached out to Katrina to get help with developing a new brand idea that I had in mind.  She was exactly what I needed.  Someone who would respect my viewpoint and ideas as well as provide some insightful knowledge and creative ideas in outlining the new brand. I really admire this company for what they represent. Their on purpose and therefore I knew I could count on them to help me get aligned and on purpose as well!”

— J. C.

As you know the first part of company representation is your LOGO. I know many go through some agonizing concerns on this. Do Good Creative was very good at helping us understand the process. I had a basic misunderstanding on logo creating that was cleared up so simply. Once this was done - my logo was perfect and simple.  

”I decided to do a new website as mine was old and outdated, the font was so tiny, it was done in the 90’s!  I choose Do Good Creative as I had seen their work on Facebook. I liked the promotional things I had seen that they were doing to reach out and get new clients.  I liked the clean look of their websites which simply communicated the business but were very esthetic.  I had a lot of things I did not understand about this process so it was a learning curve as I had to supply the information to the designer and programmer on what I wanted. When I showed the designer what I liked and which websites, font etc. She was very fast in figuring it out. The key is KNOW what you WANT. The site, in my opinion is so beautiful and clear and the colors also communicate warmth and happiness while promoting the great product I have been selling for over 20 years. Extremely happy customer.
— Margaret, Nature’s Premium Skincare
We have been using the talent and services of Do Good Creative for less than 6 months and could not be happier with the products they create for us.

We have had images done by Do Good to promote our products and not only are they top of the line aesthetic, they are fun and full of life!!! Additionally, the team at Do Good is interested in and promote Organic and Earth-friendly products. This aligns with our business model and ideals.  

Also Do Good Creative are helpful in areas that I am not trained in, or do not understand. They are on top of what is happening in the social media fields and they use the tools to competently promote on all the lines in today’s competitive world.

Plus, they are good people. I feel like I am creating with my family when I work with Do Good. I highly recommend them for your promotional needs.
— Mary Spencer, Green Leaf Naturals
My business partner and I came to Do Good Creative about 1 year ago. We were starting a totally new venture and were basically at ground zero. We knew we had started an organic skincare company but when it came to knowing whom our public was, branding, and what kind of media outlets to use we were a bit lost. 

I was familiar with Katrina’s work in the past and really liked it. I also knew how sweet she was so my business partner and I decided to meet up with her team over breakfast and see if we were a good fit for our new company, Bee Real. 

From that morning meeting it was very clear to see that we were a great fit. As a start up company it was a huge comfort knowing Do Good Creative was on our side. They really listened to what our ideas were and when we didn’t even know ourselves they kindly suggested different routes and ideas we could take. 

We have now done quite a bit of work with them. One thing I feel is a complete rarity these days is that they never seem to fail at “going above and beyond”. They always deliver a final valuable product and if there are any changes that need to be made it’s easy to just discuss creative thoughts and handle them very quickly. I have found that in the world of artistic viewpoints it is sometimes hard to work with others as people think very differently but it just felt like Katrina completely duplicated me and sometimes even read my mind. HAHA … sounds funny but she was just totally on the ball! It was a serious pleasure creating with her. 

Do Good Creative has helped us with our overall branding, our label designs, logo, with building our website, setting up our social media, and they have done our product photography and more. I am so happy with how everything has turned out. I also get amazing feedback from our customers stating how much they love our branding and how esthetic it is. It is such a great feeling. 

Do Good Creative has given us this strong platform to grow from. We now have a direction. We now know our public. I am looking forward to working with their team on our future projects. 

I highly suggest them to anyone who wants the best for their company and who wants to work with able people that will back their team up until success is achieved. 

I am so thankful to Do Good Creative for believing in our vision and helping us fine tune and bring our dreams into a reality.
— Jenna Moser, Co-Founder at Bee Real, Inc.
We love working with Do Good Creative because they have similar company goals that we have at Java Planet. We both want to be, and work with other groups and companies that give back in some way to improve the conditions of someone’s health, life, livelihood and the state of the planet.
Working with Do Good Creative is a pleasure because they have a great combination of being able to duplicate our ideas and quickly put them into words and graphics that communicate who we are and what we represent. Because of this they have greatly improved the quality of my promotion and our promotional material that has helped ensure our customers understand the value of purchasing and consuming our product to the betterment of their health, the farmer and the planet!
— Jennifer Simmons
I wrote a success story in January this year telling what great results my practice has had with Do Good Creative doing my marketing. Here it is nine months later – five months of the nine months this year have been highest ever for that month. First January and then June were the highest ever months.

As of the end of September, our gross income is higher this year to date than any full year ever in this practice – and we still have three months production to go! I report weekly how the statistics are doing, or mid week if the statistics suddenly drop. They respond rapidly to revert any decrease. They are spot on and the stats prove it. I highly recommend this team!
— Dr. George Malnati