FRIDAY FINDS! Fair Trade Products That Give Back!

Find #1 is from a company called The Leakey Collection.  We chose this gorgeous multi-strand necklace made out of Zulugrass beads in combination with Czech glass beads.  The Leakey Federation is a proud member of the Fair Trace Federation and Green America.

Find #2 is from a company called Jewel and Lotus.  We chose this beautiful embroidered raw silk purse called “Peacocks at Dusk”. This company’s mission is to bring together ethically made products from artisans, businesses and non-profits from around the world.

Find #3 is a company called Be Fair and Bloom.  We chose this gorgeous Cleo Cuff bracelet.  It is intricately threaded brass beads and sequins giving an elegant medieval-inspired look.  This company sells products that are Fair Trade, Sustainable, Handmade and fun community development.

Find #4 is a company called Noonday Collection. We chose this amazing Inca Steps Necklace.  This stunning (and eco-friendly) bib necklace is made from Tagua Seed and Suede and goes with a formal dress or a white tee.  Noonday Collection is a member of the Fair Trade Federation.

Find #5 is a company called Amani Ya Juu. We chose this beautiful patchwork apron hand made form local Kenyan fabrics.  Amani ya Juu means “ higher peace” in Swahili. Amani is a fair trace sewing and economic development program for marginalized women in Africa.

Find #6 is a company called Sashka Co.  We chose these adorable and versatile glass beaded bracelets which are hand crocheted by skilled artisan women in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal.  The company empowers women in need through Fair Trade.

Find #7 is a company called Trades of Hope.  We chose the Aqua Bundle which includes a Nepali Aqua Scarf, Earrings from Kenya and a Uganda Wrap Bracelet.  This company is Fair Trade and gives women the opportunity to sell their products at the price they choose.

Find #8 is a company called Village Artisan.  We chose the Assorted Handmade Paper Card Set.  These beautifully handcrafted 100% cotton greeting cards are made in the homes of women artisans in North India. Village Artisans pioneered Fair Trade and now,  enables over 100 artisan to earn a living wage through dignified work in a caring community.