FRIDAY FINDS | Keep Warm and Give Back!

This week’s Friday Finds is all about keeping warm and giving back! 

Find # 1 is a company called CherryT Co. This company makes soft, fully lined hand knitted mittens as well as wool fingerless gloves.  These products are made in Canada and the USA.  For every product you purchase, they donate another to a child in need.

Find #2 is a company called Krochet Kids. This company makes hats, headbands, scarves and hoodies. Each product is hand-signed by the person who made it. Krochet Kids empowers women in Uganda and Peru to transform their families, communities, and the developing world.

Find #3 is a company called Berglund Scarves. They make gorgeous cotton and wool scarves that are Fair Trade, hand-crafted and sustainable.  The company works closely with the non-profit Azahar Foundation which mentors non-violent conflict resolution to children through Yoga education.

Find #4 is a company called Beyond Beanie. They make a large collection of beanies, headbands and other outerwear.  With every purchase you make, you empower an artisan and help children in need in Bolivia.

Find #5 is a company called Threadwill. They make gorgeous 100% cotton scarves. For every purchase of a scarf, 25 chicks and 10kg of chicken food are delivered to a woman’s family in easter Bosnia. Through raising chickens, theses women and their families can establish a sustainable source of income.