Tip of the Week - Read Your Own Marketing!

One of my pet peeves is when a business starts a marketing campaign and forgets to tell the employees about it.


Customer on phone: "How long is the special on the pottery going on?"  

Employee: "What pottery?"  

Customer: "The pottery advertised in the Sunshine Newspaper - there is no date for the special"

Employee: "We advertised in the Sunshine Newspaper?"

You get my drift. Marketing 101. There is usually a lag in time between the approval of the design of a marketing piece and when it will reach the customer. During that time, print out the proof of your ad and present it to the people that will actually be servicing those customers. I know this sounds ridiculous but it happens all the time!!

Compound that issue with the fact that now we have instantaneous Marketing such as Facebook, Blogs and Twitter. Now we have some creative person typing away some secret message on Facebook and nobody else knows what is going on.

The moral of the story- the marketing department needs to keep all of the employees updated and coordinated with what is going out in print and social media. Set one day a week to go over all new campaigns, unless of course you would like to have your staff look like this: