This simple thing, can make a huge difference...

Many businesses survey their customers or potential customers to find out their feelings about a particular business or service.  Then, they base their marketing on the results of these surveys.  This is excellent!  

However, there is one little catch to this formula.  BE YOUR MARKETING!  If your potential customers are letting you know that they want friendly customer service, don't have staff like this:


What about the plumber that advertises on-time service calls but routinely shows up 2 hours late? 

Or the lawyer that advertises great communication with the client and you can never get him on the phone?

You need to really look at your Marketing and see if you are a shining example of it.  Don't market it unless you can deliver it!  What your potential customer wants is the direction you want to build your business in.  When you have your ducks in a row, market like crazy!!