Your Dollar = Your Vote

When you purchase goods and services, you are actually casting an “economic” vote. You are endorsing that product and that company. People for the most part are very uninformed about where their food comes from or who makes their clothing. They are driven by advertising and merchandising and price in the multitude of grocery stores, chain stores and department stores. If people did understand what the truth was behind pesticides and chemicals on and in their food, unfair labor practices and actual slave labor creating their products, most would choose not to purchase them.

The key word in that last sentence is understand. In this country, people are moving around at a fast rate- rushing to work, dropping off kids at daycare, grabbing a bite to eat at a fast food restaurant, rushing home, making dinner and starting all over the next day. Every person is being bombarded with so much information, they can’t even take in a small percentage of it all. Social media, TV, Netflix, emails, texts, radio, the list goes on and on. Information overload!

So why am I bringing this up? It is the responsibility of the few to bring the truth to the many. It is the responsibility of all of the companies that are Organic, Fair Trade, Socially Responsible, Ethical Brands and One for One brands to tell the story and get people to understand. Once consumers understand, they will cast their economic vote and demand that their products are organic, fair trade and ethical.  

How do you do this? You cannot expect to put out some marketing once and have a result. You have to be relentless with sharing your story and your purpose. We are all part of this planet and either we all win or we all lose inevitably. So the only choice is to win, help others find the truth and create a socially and environmentally conscious world.

The purpose of Do Good Creative is to help companies which are Organic, Fair Trade, Ethical and Socially Responsible become well known and well thought of. We do this through design and marketing strategies that help these companies expand. 

For all of you Do-Gooders out there, whether you are a part of a socially responsible company or you are a consumer who shops responsibly, thank you for all you do!