FRIDAY FINDS | Stationery That Gives Back!


This week’s Friday Finds is all about stationery. These companies make beautiful products and they all give back. Education is a theme among all these companies, they truly care about making lives better through the purchase of their products.

Find #1 is a company called Mariemae. They sell beautiful stationary and notebook sets. This company has a unique purpose; for every set of stationery purchased, they will provide one hour of business training to a woman entrepreneur in a developing market.

Find #2 is a company called Humble Pen. This company makes humble pens built out of sustainable bamboo and loaded with a gel ink cartridge.  For every Humble Pen purchased, they provide a Humble Pack for a child in need. This consists of 2 Pencils, 1 Reading Book, 1 Notebook and 1 Healthy Meal.

Find #3 is a company called Dot Products. This company makes school and office supplies. For every product they sell, they pay for a child to attend school for half a day, including uniforms, supplies and school fees.

Find #4 is a company called Read Notebooks. For every notebook you purchase, they donate a storybook to a child in need. They believe every child should be able to experience the joy of reading.

Find #5 is a non-profit called Flora Stationery. The sale of just 25 journals equals one semester of college tuition for a young woman in Eastern Europe.