Branding and Social Media

Figuring out your brand, doesn’t have to be complicated. It can actually be a lot of fun! We like to use this analogy when we talk to clients about branding and social media:

Your brand is like your soul. It is who you are as a company. It is your culture, your moral code, what you believe. It is what makes your company different from other companies. 

Your marketing is like your clothes. It is what people see when they first meet your company and it should reflect your brand. 

Here is an exercise you can do:

List out all the things that make up your brand - such as cares about customers, takes care of employees, always deliver things on time, friendly atmosphere, eco-friendly office, fun company culture. 

Next, take one item from your list and come up with ideas on how you can SHOW that through your marketing.

Here is an example. If you were a coffee company and one of your items was “we truly care about our customers” then here are some ideas on how you could SHOW that through your marketing - specifically, social media:

1. Show the care that goes into packaging an order

2. Highlight the employee that ships the customer orders

3. Share a 5 star review from a customer

4. Share a “fan photo” from a customer enjoying your coffee

5. Run a customer appreciation contest for people to win free coffee

Go through each point you listed under the branding section and write down your ideas. Then go through the list again and write down more ideas. (See we told you this is fun!) 

branding and social media.jpg

After you have gone through your list a couple times, you should have enough ideas to keep you busy on social media for months! This type of marketing is building your brand. It is a marathon, not a sprint. You will make more sales and get more customers - but not right away. You are showing people who you are as a company, and it takes time. Once you have this in place you have a platform to then advertise new products, get new customers and activate existing customers. Trust us, it is fun and worth the work.