The Difference Between a Great Company and a Good Company

great review. jpg

Do you ever wonder why certain companies get great reviews and people talk favorably about them to others? What is the difference between a great company and a good company? From my experience of running two multimillion dollar companies, before starting Do Good Creative, it comes down to one basic difference: The great company really cares about their clients or customers. They show it by giving that person more than was expected. Now this doesn’t mean when you buy a hot dog, they give you two. It means that when they sell you that hot dog they graciously thank you, maybe hand you some napkins and wish you a great day.  

Let’s say you are a customer rep for a company and you have a phone meeting with your client to go over things they want to change in their marketing program. At the end of the phone call, you email them and list everything concisely that you went over on the phone. This makes them feel heard and duplicated. What about greeting someone when they walk in your store? Don’t laugh, this is almost never done anymore. How about checking with your ongoing clients to see how they are doing, wish them Happy Birthday, congratulate them for accomplishments or God forbid, thank them for being your client!

In a world that is more connected by electronics, there has never been a time when people are really more out of communication with each other. The ironic thing is that it is so much easier to be in communication with people now.  

So, do you want to be a great company? Look at how you can give your customers more care. Give them something unexpected. Ask them what they need. If you can really do this and train your employees to do this, it will be your business that gets great reviews.


Vicki Crocker, COO of Do Good Creative