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Ethical Fashion ~ THE BASICS

Top Row: left: Angela Roi, Right: Throne Watches. Bottom Row: left: Vrai & Oro, Right: Everlane

Top Row: left: Angela Roi, Right: Throne Watches.
Bottom Row: left: Vrai & Oro, Right: Everlane

Ethical Fashion doesn't mean you have to walk around wearing burlap. Ethical Fashion has many principles to it, but one thing we want to highlight is that it means buying quality not quantity. It also means that you know where your clothes are being made, and what they are made of. We have gotten used to the idea of disposable fashion at cheap prices. But our grandparents had it right -- buy something of quality for a little more money and have it last for years an years. Here are some of our favorite Ethical  Fashion companies, they pride themselves on quality, transparency and they really don't break the bank!

They value quality and transparency. The best place to find beautiful basics like t-shirts, shoes, pants and dress shirts. They are affordable, chic and will last a very long time. You can read about each factory they use, how much it cost to make the item and how much they are marking it up.

Vrai & Oro, meaning "truth and gold" has a similar business model to Everlane. There is no middleman, so they can deliver quality products, ethically and affordably. Everything is made in Los Angeles with quality materials. Their pieces are simple and will last years and years. It's better than the "gold" ring that turns your finger green!

Designed in Brooklyn, assembled in America. These watches have style and definite quality. They also refurbish watches from the 60s, so if you want to feel like Don Draper, you can. :)

Quality handbags at an affordable price. Vegan leather and for every purchase they donate to a charity.

Red, White and Blue Ethical Fashion!


Red, White and Blue in Ethical Fashion!
Celebrate 4th of July while giving back!

ROMPER: Miriam Designs

Miriam Designs is a fashion brand in Nashville, TN that creates quality women's clothing + accessories. Their goal is to provide goods you will love while also making a difference in their city. They work with women who have overcome addiction and need a job, as well as a loving environment, to help continue on their journey. They believe in the power of dreams and that passions are purposeful.

BAG: Angela and Roi

For every handbag you purchase, they donate to a charitable cause. Each color is a different cause, this red-orange bag supports the National Kidney Foundation

SHOES: The Root Collective

The Root Collective fights poverty and gang violence through economic development.

NECKLACE: 31 bits

Every time you make a 31 bits purchase, you have a direct impact on women’s lives in Uganda. The women earn an income enabling them to provide for their families. After five years in the 31 bits program, they are ready to graduate. A graduated beneficiary has her own business and is educated, healthy, and confident. She is empowered.