Sunset Veterinary Surgery

Sunset Veterinary Surgery had the goal of increasing the number of surgeries that they did every week. They wanted their social media to focus on brand awareness in their local community, engagement with past pet owners that they worked with, and educating pet owners on their services. We needed to create content that would attract pet owners, especially dog owners. We designed a number of videos that were targeted to dog owners in the area around their office. The results were amazing! People would comment with their testimonials from working with Dr. Malnati and because so many people would share the post, we were able to get our message out to thousands of people with a very small budget. 

In addition to the dog-related content, we contacted past pet owners that worked with Dr. Malnati and we collected pictures and testimonials which we then shared on Facebook. We wanted to show that his office really cared about each animal and they understood how the owners were feeling as well. With the creation of a new logo, redesign of the website, social media campaigns, printed newsletters and email blasts, we have established Sunset Veterinary Surgery as an office that truly cares about the health and happiness of animals. 


I wrote a success story in January this year telling what great results my practice has had with Do Good Creative doing my marketing. Here it is nine months later – five months of the nine months this year have been highest ever for that month. First January and then June were the highest ever months.

As of the end of September, our gross income is higher this year to date than any full year ever in this practice – and we still have three months production to go! I report weekly how the statistics are doing, or mid week if the statistics suddenly drop. Vicki and Katrina respond rapidly to revert any decrease.  They are spot on and the stats prove it. I highly recommend this team!

— Dr. George Malnati, October 3, 2016
My hat is off to Do Good Creative for the excellent job they have done promoting my veterinary surgical practice. I am particularly impressed with their understanding and ability to find out what the pet owning public will respond to and their constant assessment of what works. If things change a bit, they are right on top of it. If something is not working, they do not make excuses, they find out what changed and fix it! They are experts at social media – the current medium that levels the playing field. Due in no small part to their efforts, January was the largest month since I have been in this practice!
— Dr. George Malnati, Sunset Veterinary Surgery
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