Logo and Branding Design

Packaging and Label Design

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Java Planet Organic Coffee

Java Planet had the opportunity to test their product in Winn Dixie stores. Winn Dixie asked that their packaging be changed to a brown bag so as to look more "natural". I redesigned the bag and we also had the opportunity to use digital printing. This allowed us to print each coffee name and description on the bag, which was a nice change from having to put a sticker on every bag after it was filled. 

All Angles Bag COLUMBIA copy.png

Website Design


“We have been using Do Good Creative for over two years for our marketing and they just recently redesigned our website. They thought about everything that we had done so far and where we wanted to take our business and marketing in the future. They made sure that our new site would be a source of education for our customers. Our purpose all along has been to educate people about gardening on Cape Cod and now we can educate them not only in our place of business but online as well. This adds a new level to our online marketing and social media. Our site will grow weekly as we keep adding content to it, which will not only drive existing customers but it will also attract new customers as well. Do Good Creative made sure that our site was easy to navigate, easy to search, and also easy to share. They made sure that each article would show up great if shared to social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest. They also helped us set up an online store so we can sell gift cards, tote bags, t-shirts and more. Now that we have this new site along with what Do Good has already been creating for us with social media, we are ready to really build our community of customers like never before!”

— Rebecca Carvalho, Crocker Nurseries



Graphic Design


Infinite Fine Arts

Infinite Fine Arts was a really fun client to work with because I got to work with all the beautiful artwork that Sanjib Mallik created. He needed a brand built around the style of art he made and he needed promotional materials, a website and social media content to bring it all together. A challenge that I faced was how to show people that his artwork changed color through a specific LED light design system that he created. I ended up using the tagline "Day & Night" to showcase the change in color. Here are some samples from the body of work I created for him:

Palace Learning

I've worked on many projects with Palace Learning and this one below was definitely one of the most time consuming. I illustrated all elements and did the layout for each poster design. This Elements of Art poster set also has a complementary set which shows the Principles of Design, which I also illustrated and designed.

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