Nature's Premium Skincare

We loved working with Nature's Premium Skincare to launch their new company. We designed their logo and branding, their website, social media graphics and did their product photography. Here is what they had to say about the process:

“As you know the first part of company representation is your LOGO. I know many go through some agonizing concerns on this. Do Good Creative was very good at helping us understand the process. I had a basic misunderstanding on logo creating that was cleared up so simply. Once this was done - my logo was perfect and simple.  

”I decided to do a new website as mine was old and outdated, the font was so tiny, it was done in the 90’s!  I choose Do Good Creative as I had seen their work on Facebook. I liked the promotional things I had seen that they were doing to reach out and get new clients.  I liked the clean look of their websites which simply communicated the business but were very esthetic.  I had a lot of things I did not understand about this process so it was a learning curve as I had to supply the information to the designer and programmer on what I wanted. When I showed the designer what I liked and which websites, font etc. She was very fast in figuring it out. The key is KNOW what you WANT. The site, in my opinion is so beautiful and clear and the colors also communicate warmth and happiness while promoting the great product I have been selling for over 20 years. Extremely happy customer.”  
— Margaret, Nature’s Premium Skincare