Java Planet Organic Coffee

Java Planet Organic Coffee is a family run coffee company located in Tampa, FL. They make Organic and Fair Trade Coffee. We redesigned their website, social media, print promotion materials and created a new bag design for their 12 oz. coffee bags. We love their coffee for more than how it tastes (it tastes amazing by the way!) we love that they support fair trade and that their coffee is organic. You can visit their website at .

java planet facebook
java planet bag design
We love working with Do Good Creative because they have similar company goals that we have at Java Planet. We both want to be, and work with other groups and companies that give back in some way to improve the conditions of someone’s health, life, livelihood and the state of the planet.
Working with Do Good Creative is a pleasure because they have a great combination of being able to duplicate our ideas and quickly put them into words and graphics that communicate who we are and what we represent. Because of this they have greatly improved the quality of my promotion and our promotional material that has helped ensure our customers understand the value of purchasing and consuming our product to the betterment of their health, the farmer and the planet!
— Jennifer Simmons, Owner
java planet website