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People Over Profit Book Review

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I just finished reading People Over Profit by Dale Partridge, founder of Sevenly and and bestselling author. This was a short book and an easy read but delivers a message that is very significant to the world of business. It is a testament that such a young author has had the ability to view the business world and see what has happened- the simplicity of it. The truth is always simple, not complicated, and the truth is that business has changed for the worse over the past 4 decades, but why? Dale has shown the truth of a business cycle that has caught up many corporations and caused the dilemma we have today-poor service, poor products, environmental disaster and producers used almost like slaves.

He shows this cycle of business citing examples and facts. When you see it, you just say, “Yeah, I can see how this happens.”  However, this book does not just give the doom and gloom of it all, he gives you examples of how amazing companies have taken responsibility for their shortcomings and turned things completely around becoming industry leaders.

People over Profit shows the road out of greed and planet wide destruction and gives you the awareness and most of all hope that business can improve. It shows how business can value its staff, customers and the people who made the product all while respecting the planet we live on. 

As a business owner or an employee, don’t miss reading this book- it will inspire you to keep going in the direction you are going or it will help you make the changes that are long overdue.

- Vicki