Facebook Ads FAQs

The Most Asked Questions...Get Answered!

1. What is a Facebook ad?

A Facebook ad is a sponsored post that shows up in your newsfeed on Facebook. It can link to a website, it can be a video, etc. It is a paid advertisement that is targeted to show up in the Facebook newsfeeds of a specific audience.

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2. Who can I target my ad to?

You have many options, but here are a few, you can target:

  • People who have liked your Facebook Page
  • People who are friends of people who have Liked your Facebook Page
  • People on your customer email list
  • People who live in a radius around your business. 
  • People who live in certain states or towns
  • You can even target income level, age range, shopping behaviors and interests. 

3. What is the difference between a Boosted Post and a Facebook Ad?

A boosted post is a TYPE of Facebook Ad. It is a post that you have made on your Facebook Page Timeline that you then decide that you want to “boost” and pay money to show that post to more people. You can target who sees it by using similar targeting to the above. 

4. Who can create Facebook Ads?

If you are the admin of the Facebook Page or if you are an Advertiser on the Facebook Page, you can create a Facebook Ad for that page. 

5. Where do you create Facebook Ads?

You create Facebook ads in Ads Manager. It can be found here:

6. Do I have to spend a lot of money?

You can set whatever budget you want. You can go as low as $1-$5/day. 

7. I don’t want to accidentally spend a ton of money, can I avoid this?

Yes! You can set a ad spending limit, which will shut off your ads after you reach that amount. So you don’t get any surprising bills. 

8. I want employees and a marketing company to access my page and my Facebook ads, how do I set that up? 

When we do Facebook Ads for clients, we switch them over to Facebook Business Manager. This is a tool Facebook created so that you can manage multiple Facebook pages, Ad Accounts, and give multiple people access to things without sharing personal information with each other. (i.e You don’t have to be friends with your boss on Facebook). 

Go to business.facebook.com and they have a great setup tool that walks you through it. 

PRO TIP: We ALWAYS recommend that the owner of the business be the admin and owner of their Facebook Page, Business Manager and Ad Account. This way if you ever fire an employee, change marketing companies, etc. you will still have access to all your accounts and data.

If you would like our help on setting up Facebook Ads for your business, let us know! Call us at (727) 303-0387 today and we will answer all your questions.