How to Get People to ACTUALLY SEE Your Facebook Posts

If you have a Facebook Business Page, then you have probably noticed that it's difficult to get people to actually see what you are posting. It can be very frustrating. 

There is a way to get people to see your posts. Facebook introduced a new feature called "see first". It allows people to tag what pages and people they want to see posts from first when they log into Facebook. 

All they have to do is Like your page, then click the dropdown menu on the Like button and click "See First" under "In your newsfeed.". Now they won't miss a post.

How do you tell people to do this?

1. You can steal this image above and post it to your page. (it's ok we give you permission) ;)

2. You can include the instructions on your cover photo, so that people who are newly liking your page can do it right away. 

3. You can post a video showing people how to do this, and then boost that post to people who like your page. 

(oh, and since we are talking about this - don't miss a post from Do Good Creative! Follow the instructions above to see our posts first!)