Emma Watson is wearing ethical fashion on the red carpet

It is a terrific responsibility being a celebrity. In this day and age, every move you make gets documented and splattered all over Social Media and the Internet as well as the Tabloids. This makes life more than a little challenging.

However, there are a number of young celebrities that are taking this challenge and funneling it into positive energy and creating positive results. These millennials are getting the word out about many causes such as the environment, Fair Trade, hunger and drug use. When they put their attention and efforts on such causes it enlightens hundreds of thousands of people.

One such celebrity is Emma Watson. As our favorite Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter Series, Emma has been deemed an activist in the Fashion Industry by joining the UK brand People Tree who promote fair trade and organic cotton. She has also joined the Green Carpet Challenge in an effort to spotlight ethical and sustainable fashion on the red carpet. 

emma watson support ethical fashion

Read the full article about how she will be wearing and promoting ethical and sustainable fashion throughout her entire press tour for her upcoming movie, Regression.