3 Social Media Rules to Live By

Be Simple. 

Be Consistent.

Have Purpose.

These rules will apply to any type of social media, so listen up!

Rule #1 Be Simple:

This is the hardest rule to keep in. We all have made the mistake in life of being too complicated, and if you have a business you absolutely have made this mistake in your marketing. Here are some examples of keeping things simple:

Have a very clear introductory service or product. You can have more than one if you really need to, but having one thing is even better. Make it very clear what you want them to do. i.e. free consultation, get a sample pack, new patient offer, etc. And make it simple for them to get! (No complicated forms, a mobile-friendly website!!) Most companies will have more than one product, but they have one that is more popular as a first purchase, usually a lower priced product. Here is a real life example:

Everlane is an amazing clothing company that makes high quality clothes but with no middleman, so their prices are much lower than other retailers. They are also “radically transparent” with their customers about where and how their clothes get made how much it costs to make them, etc. Their introductory product is a t-shirt which costs $15. It is very high-quality and would normally cost $45 in any other store. It took me about a year of drooling over their website and getting their emails and posts on social media before I finally bought this t-shirt. After that I was totally hooked with the company and dropped $150 on a pair of shoes like nobody’s business. 

Moral of the story - the temptation of a $15 shirt kept nipping at me for over a year! Yes they have other products (which I ended up buying) but because they kept being simple and consistent with their introductory product - I ended up becoming a customer.

So don't have ten offers, don't have crazy graphics when a clean photo will do, and don't ramble on if you don't need to.


Rule #2: Be Consistent

This means in your offer like we discussed above, but also in your branding, how your photos look, and how often you post on social media. 

Don’t post ten things at once and then nothing for two weeks. Instead spread it out and be consistent - every day, three times a week, etc. 

Pick a look for your photos that matches your branding and your message. If you don’t think you are a great photographer, this could simply mean using the same filter on Instagram or always taking pictures of things that are lighter in color rather than darker in color. It doesn’t have to get complicated (remember rule #1).

Rule #3: Have Purpose

This means two things.

1. Have a purpose for your company. Hopefully your purpose isn’t just “make money”. If it is, I bet you it actually isn’t. Here’s why: Imagine you had all the money you are looking for. Great, then what? There is always a purpose behind actions - find out what it actually is and strengthen it. It will make you and your company much happier. 

Ok so now that you know your purpose for your company, make sure that it is shared through your marketing. Do this branding exercise I wrote about last week.

2. Have a purpose for every post that you make on social media. This doesn’t mean that you need to try to sell something with every post. The purpose could be to educate your followers, to show what it is like for employees, to show how your company helps the community, etc. You can’t just post a funny video or a trending piece of news just to post something. It needs to be aligned with the goals of your company. When this is done consistently and done with simplicity, you will win.

Just so you know that I practice what I preach, I went through and edited this article about five times to make sure it was simple and to the point. Hey, I didn't say simplicity was easy! :) Let me know if this helped you at all! 


3 social media rules to live by