Bee Real 

Bee Real, is a new company focusing on natural products to keep families healthy. We helped get them started with their logo, branding, website, product labels, product photography, set up on social media and more. We are excited for what the future holds for this awesome company! Visit their website at

My business partner and I came to Do Good Creative about 1 year ago. We were starting a totally new venture and were basically at ground zero. We knew we had started an organic skincare company but when it came to knowing whom our public was, branding, and what kind of media outlets to use we were a bit lost.

I was familiar with Katrina’s work in the past and really liked it. I also knew how sweet she was so my business partner and I decided to meet up with her team over breakfast and see if we were a good fit for our new company, Bee Real.

From that morning meeting it was very clear to see that we were a great fit. As a start up company it was a huge comfort knowing Do Good Creative was on our side. They really listened to what our ideas were and when we didn’t even know ourselves they kindly suggested different routes and ideas we could take.

We have now done quite a bit of work with them. One thing I feel is a complete rarity these days is that they never seem to fail at “going above and beyond”. They always deliver a final valuable product and if there are any changes that need to be made it’s easy to just discuss creative thoughts and handle them very quickly. I have found that in the world of artistic viewpoints it is sometimes hard to work with others as people think very differently but it just felt like Katrina completely duplicated me and sometimes even read my mind. HAHA … sounds funny but she was just totally on the ball! It was a serious pleasure creating with her.

Do Good Creative has helped us with our overall branding, our label designs, logo, with building our website, setting up our social media, and they have done our product photography and more. I am so happy with how everything has turned out. I also get amazing feedback from our customers stating how much they love our branding and how esthetic it is. It is such a great feeling.

Do Good Creative has given us this strong platform to grow from. We now have a direction. We now know our public. I am looking forward to working with their team on our future projects.

I highly suggest them to anyone who wants the best for their company and who wants to work with able people that will back their team up until success is achieved.

I am so thankful to Do Good Creative for believing in our vision and helping us fine tune and bring our dreams into a reality.
— Jenna Moser, Co-Founder at Bee Real, Inc.
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